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                           ABOUT ORION

The concept ORION was first introduced in the year 2005 with the vision to have an educational concept that can be at par with the competitive world for the GENERATION NEXT. It was implemented with an aim to create students of high quality and personalities who can be categorized as “BETTER THAN THE BEST”. It was the vision of Dr. Sanjay Qureshi and Arif Qureshi to create a different and a competitive crowd of Entrepreneurs, who can not only create new concepts but also turn them in empires of tomorrow. The vision was to establish an education system that would be totally talent oriented who can create brands that will rule the world economy in future. It believes in the creation of leaders that can take the world economy to the next level. As we all know that the world is changing and upgrading every minute and new concept are given birth every second. The students need to be highly competitive and upgraded to survive the market competition.